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Our workplace program during the National Recycle Week

During the national recycle week 2024, the team Reckitt hosted our Community Toy Station at Work program.

They organised an afternoon tea for their team and invited us to give a brief talk about our Community Toy Stations program. We were humbled to share our work with the Reckitt team, shedding light on little-known statistics: 27 million toys end up in Australian landfills each year. Globally, toys account for 6% of landfill plastic.

Reckitt team members were encouraged to experience the Joy of Toy Swap, sharing stories about their toys with colleagues. The Community Toy Station plays a vital role in connecting workplaces to community toy stations through our charity partners. Any excess toys we collect bring joy to a wider community, and these invaluable resources create a lasting impact.

With support from Reckitt, we will be able to roll out more Toy Stations and, together, bring joy to more people!


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