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We value your support and offer several ways to get involved. Your contributions are the reason we exist and continue our work. You may find answers to our questions FAQs

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Exchange my Toys

We love all toys, but sadly not all can be given to charities. To ensure that your preloved toys have the best chance of finding a new home and not sadly thrown away, please consider these toy donation guidelines:

Toys should be non-toxic

Toys are not missing parts

If Toys require batteries, please provide new ones

Toys are not broken

Toys are clean

Toys are still able to be played with

Donate to support us


Joy of Giving is an independent, not-for-profit community for exchanging toys for children from all walks of life.​

We love toys, they're fun and hold so much love and value for our children. We are a group of volunteers, who need your help to support our costs such as storage, transport, legal, insurance and much more.

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Ways to Get Involved
Joy of Giving offers practical and easy ways to help you save toys.
After all, good toys should not go to waste.

Donate preloved toys

Help at our next Toy Swap stall

Reach out to your community

Finding and calling recipients for toys

Receive preloved toys

Collect and transport toys


Volunteer time, skills or tools

Contact us today and see how you can get on board:

We Need Your Support Today!

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