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Our Mission


Giving preloved toys new homes.

Joy of Giving provides an effortless and convenient method to donate used toys, exchange old toys and receive preloved toys. We are a community for exchanging toys and books. 


Joy of Giving not only provides an easy way to be part of a truly good cause, it also gives value to preloved toys and guarantees finding them a new home. It’s an all-around sustainable solution.

Our Story


Joy of Giving was founded in 2019. Several like minded friends were inspired by their own their own children and their desire to teach them the value and benefit of giving, Joy of Giving was created!

Everyone involved were looking to create a more sustainable environment for their children, both growing up and for her future. By creating an avenue of bringing pre-loved toys to kids, we are able to reuse and recycle items that would otherwise be simply thrown away. We value the opportunities showing children the value of giving, sharing, and receiving toys as well as instilling these values to their adult life. 

Our sustainable impact



Cut down on the amount of waste in the world by simply giving and receiving preloved toys amongst our communities.


Toys can be repurposed with a little creativity.

Extend toys lifespans by sharing them with another kid.


Do your part by donating toys and cutting down on the current

plastic use and resulting waste across our country.


We are always looking for more people to support our vision.

The brains and vision behind the organisation


The inspiration behind Joy of Giving and the child that started it all.


The biggest supporter and helper to the cause.


Designer, storyteller and supporter of the organisation

We need you!

Without your support and donations, we wouldn't stay afloat.

So please get involved, volunteer time, donate toys, and show your love to Joy of Giving.

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