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Community Toy Stations

We actively support our community organizations by offering valuable resources, including preloved and brand-new items donated by our caring community members. Our inventory includes toys of all sizes, bicycles, and books, all ready to find new homes.


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Toy Station @

Addi Road Food Pantry

Our Toy Station was successfully launched at Addi Road Food Pantry in June 2023. It is open on weekdays during the opening hours of the food pantry.  


We provide ongoing services for each Toy Station, including regular toy and book refilling, cleaning, and maintenance. The positive impact each station has on the community is very powerful.​


We are actively deploying Toy Stations throughout Sydney. We welcome and offer support to any community organisations in need of resources.


  • Schools & Preschools

  • Women's shelters

  • Toy Libraries

  • Community Resource Centres

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