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Toy Swap

Since 2019, we have hosted Toy Swap events across Sydney, promoting the reuse of toys and books. Through these events, we have exchanged thousands of items, diverting thousands of kilograms from landfills. You can participate in a couple of ways:​Attend our Toy Swap Events.Register with us to Give and Receive at our permanent toy swap locations.

Toy Swap Events

Our toy swap events are a hit! Hundreds of people join, and we swap thousands of toys. This helps us keep toys out of the landfill and teaches kids about sustainability. We've seen kids light up with joy when they give toys, just like when they receive them.

On Demand Toy Swap

We have two convenient locations in Ultimo and Artarmon, NSW. Families can give and receive preloved and brand-new toys, which are then reused or shared with a wider community. It's amazing to see our participants put their hearts and souls into preparing their toys, making the toy swap a joyful experience for everyone involved.

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