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Frequently Asked Questions

I have toys I'd like to give away - how can I get them to Joy of Giving?

Head to Get Involved and fill out a form to donate your preloved, second-hand and used toys.

What makes Joy of Giving different from other organisations?

By giving your preloved toys to us, you'll be directly contributing to our mission of finding a new home for each item. We aim to assist those who require help in purchasing toys for children, as well as those who share our commitment to repurposing preloved toys, reducing waste, and lessening our environmental impact.

Where are my old toys going?

Your preloved toys are going to individuals across NSW who have registered to receive preloved, second-hand and used toys.

What kinds of toys does Joy of Giving accept?

We accept most toys, books and games as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • They are complete and in working condition.

  • For battery-operated toys, please test them with batteries to ensure the are in working condition.

  • They are in household quantities.

  • Before donating, ask yourself: Is this item in good enough condition for my friend or another child?

  • If you have large toy sets such as kitchen sets or dollhouses, please get in touch with us. We will accept them as long as we have storage capacity available.


What happens if I have broken toys?

Unfortunately, we have limited options for handling broken toys.

  • You can bring broken items to the Big W - Toy of Joy program. For more details, visit the Terracycle Website:

  • If some items cannot be recycled, kindly reach out to your local council to inquire about disposal options.

Is there a weight limit on how much I can put in the box?

While we do not impose a limit. It's best to make sure the box is still able to be lifted and ideally strong enough not to break.

How can I get involved volunteering for Joy of Giving? 

There are many ways to get involved:

  • Volunteer to help clean, sort and deliver toys

  • You could also support us with operational and administrative tasks, such as handling inquiries, managing marketing efforts, and overseeing our social media presence.

What costs are involved in circulating toys?

The main investment is the time from our volunteers. However, there are some costs to cleaning, sorting and transporting toys. If you would like to support Joy of Giving, please click below to make a financial donation. Donations of $2 or more go a long way

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