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A Joyful 2023: Your Support Made a World of Difference!

In 2023, thanks to our community's unwavering support and our volunteers' dedication, we achieved big things. We estimate we saved 2000 kgs of toys, worth over $150,000, bringing joy to 7,500 families. Your contributions transformed toys and brightened lives.

We had an incredibly busy time in the past few weeks, dedicating ourselves to spreading joy to every corner of our community.Your generosity not only gave beloved toys new life but also demonstrated dedication in preparing the toys, making our work possible and facilitating swift rehoming. In most cases, we were able to rehome the toys as soon as they were picked up. Many found new homes just in time for festive events.

In December 2023, we hosted our signature Toy Swap event, supported by Randwick City Council. Additionally, we collaborated on many Christmas celebrations across Sydney, bringing joy to a wider community. We continued our weekly deliveries, spreading joy to even more children.

Thanks to each of you, 2023 was filled with positivity. As we reflect, it's not just about the numbers but the countless smiles and sense of community your support fostered.

Looking forward to continuing this journey together. Thank you for making 2023 a year of boundless joy and generosity!

We need your support in spreading joy


As an independent, non-government-funded organisation, we rely on your support to sustain our operations. All funds raised go directly toward covering our operational costs and supporting our programs.



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