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How a Simple Toy Can Teach Sustainability: Joy of Giving’s Joyful School Workshop

Updated: Jul 4

Ever wondered how a simple toy can teach profound lessons about sustainability and community?

🌟 Our first school workshop was a resounding success, surpassing our expectations:

  • Learning about sustainability through toys and applying these ideas to everyday life.

  • Bringing joy to the classroom with a fun toy swap.

  • Connecting the classroom to the wider community by sharing toys.

From the start, the children showed a keen interest in the environmental impact of toys and our resource consumption. Questions like "What's a landfill?" and "Why are landfills bad?" sparked deep discussions.

We focused on two key discussions applying the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle):

  • Exploring why toys are difficult to recycle and stressing the importance of reuse and reduction before recycling. Our guiding principle was "Is it good enough for your friends?" when passing on toys.

  • This expanded into a broader discussion on general resource management, where toys prompted insightful reflections on everyday practices.

Another highlight was the toy swap. Children swapped beloved toys with new friends, accompanied by messages like:

“Hope you enjoy this toy as much as I did.”

“Hope you like this fire-blazing toy. When I was little, I loved it. Now, I pass it on to you.”

These simple yet profound exchanges captured the essence of caring and sharing, reminding us of the community's kindness. Witnessing their connections, generosity, and joy was truly inspiring. The additional toys collected will be shared with more children in the community, spreading happiness further.

We were so proud of delivering engaging sustainability education through preloved toys. Let's continue nurturing these values in our children and together, create a lasting positive impact. 🌍❤️ #Sustainability #Community #Reuse #Reduce #Recycle #JoyOfGiving


Want to join our Preloved Toy Workshop? We invite you to join our community for workshops in August 2024. Register here!


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