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  • Tarryn Myburgh

What makes preloved toys extra special?

Kids need toys. It's as simple as that. They are amazing. As a baby, they teach you motor skills and help brain development. As a toddler, they provide education and endless playtime. As a young child they teach to share and play with others. As you get older, you can outgrow certain toys. This doesn't mean you have no toys. It simply means your toys change. As you outgrow toys, you give them to someone else to enjoy them just as much as you did.

Preloved toys are special toys filled with love
Little girl with her toy doll
Little girl with her toy doll

Toys are the bread and butter of kid's fun

'Toys' Dictionary definition:

an object for a child to play with, typically a model or miniature replica of something

and object regarded as providing amusement for an adult

Toys are not just for kids; they are for adults too. They are priceless. Toys are what you make out of them. A toy is an ornament until it is played with. Once they're played with, they bring fun and joy.

So, what exactly is a preloved toy?

The best things in life are preloved. They hold a special meaning and are extra special. But what exactly does it mean...vintage, second-hand, retro...?

'Preloved' Dictionary definition:

previously used or owned; second-hand.

This isn't right though. In fact, the dictionary definition does no justice at all. What it doesn't make clear, is that it was previously loved. Let's look at a teddy bear for example.

A preloved teddy bear
A preloved teddy bear

A little girl grew up with a soft, light brown teddy bear. Spending her nights cuddling the teddy bear. Having tea parties with her teddy bear. Loving her teddy bear. Then one day, she realises it's time to share that special teddy bear she loves with someone else. Now, that teddy bear is preloved and passed on, making it an extra special teddy bear.

What makes preloved toys extra special?

It's simple. Preloved toys are extra special because they are filled with love. They have a history. A story. An added value. This is what makes preloved toys incredible!


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