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  • Tarryn Myburgh

How many toys should you own?

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Half of owning toys, in my opinion, simply comes down to how you play with them. Many parents might disagree, arguing that it’s about the quantity and variety… which I agree with to a certain extent. But, I do think there is a reason why playing with fewer toys can spark more creativity and imagination.

Toys are about delivering those tiny beautiful moments to our kids, without expectations.

If a child can learn to play with one toy in many ways, they learn to work. Play is after all, child's work. It's how they learn. Discover. Grow. Gaining a sense of the world around them. Toys are the tools of their job! They should be carefully chosen with multiple uses.

At Joy of Giving, we want to share those moments. We spread the love and joy of toys around families. We were blessed at our recent Toy Swap to see a family return a toy from a previous toy swap day to take a new one. Learning. Growing. Playing. The moments of fun were cherished and ready to be shared with another. Another child would be lucky to take that one special preloved toy home and experience their own beautiful moments.

So, short answer, there is no exact number of how many toys your children should own.

Boy carrying penguin around Joy of Giving's Toy Swap

Toys have magic behind them. They generate sparks in your kid’s eyes. They teach, develop and help grow your child into a blossoming teenager. Teaching gratitude. Love. Sharing.

Kids engage in more active, free and unstructured play when they have fewer toys. It’s what makes them smile, giggle and glee with joy. Creating those beautiful moments, we love.


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