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6 Toys that Last a Lifetime

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Toys are so much fun! Children spend hours playing with them. Education. Skills. Growth. Toys provide endless entertainment and educational opportunities. Let's be honest, they also provide endless hours of distraction. As a parent, this is crucial to me finishing other needed tasks.

Girl holding her toy doll
Girl holding her toy doll

But where do you start? I recently walked into a toy shop and looked around. I was so overwhelmed by the millions of options. Endless rows of action figures. Puzzles. Teddy Bears. Arts and Crafts. That was only the beginning. The list of toys you can buy is extremely long. It can quickly leave you standing in the dark, confused where to begin.

Don't worry, I'm here to help. At Joy of Giving, we have compiled a list of 6 toys that last the time. These toys give some of the greatest value and provide tons of entertainment for kids:

1. Lego

Kid's toy building blocks
Kid's toy building blocks

The ultimate classic child's toy, even without the special building kits. Playing with building blocks helps develop motor skills and creativity. Whilst there are plenty of building toys available, LEGO is the brand that truly stands the test of time.

Every season LEGO brings out new sets and themes. Police. Pirates. Star Wars. They even create pink blocks specifically for little girls who love pink. They provide endless opportunities.

2. Spade and Bucket

Have you ever taken your child to the sand? You'll see that it's pretty hard for children to resist playing in it. This is why a spade and bucket is timeless. It doesn't matter whether you choose a simple cylinder shape or a funky castle bucket with a Disney character. All the little one needs, is a spade, a bucket and some sand. Add in some water, and it's even better.

Your child can spend hours playing. Moving sand around. Building endless castles. Digging holes. The spade and bucket are perfect for a sandpit or the beach.

3. PlayDoh

Balls of PlayDoh
Balls of PlayDoh

The freedom to create a model of anything you fancy, makes modelling clay a rite of passage for children. PlayDoh is a brand that stands the time, coming in an endless range of colours. From bright blue to fluorescent pink, the pleasant smell of PlayDoh can move us. The soft flexible texture can be shaped into nearly anything, providing lots of fun.

4. Dolls

Over the years, the range of dolls available has grown. Different styles. Brands. Shapes. The most popular doll changes all the time. However, no matter how much they change, dolls aren't going anywhere. They are a toddler and pre-schoolers favourite.

Children can use dolls as their friends. They provide a connection and can teach parental instincts. Some dolls are very 'real-baby' like, teaching children how to care for someone else as they cry, shiver and sleep.

5. Trains and cars

Wooden train toy
Wooden train toy

Toys get flashier and more hi-tech everyday. However, old-fashioned train sets and classic car toys aren't going anywhere. From fancy colours, to Thomas the Tank engine characters. Wooden trains. Hot Wheel cars. Classic toy cars.

You can mix and match them all, driving them everywhere around the house.

Toy trains and cars have the potential to create community. Your child can create a race event, a trip around the park or perhaps and broken down support.

Landscape Mats. Train tracks. Add on parts. There is endless fun to be had with them.

6. Teddy bears

Most teddy bears begin simply as nursery decorations. I can guarantee you they will not stay this way. In fact, most soft toys become faithful friends for young ones. Whether you choose a classic teddy bear or another soft cuddly toy, they all look the same by the end. Once your child has cuddled them every night for years, they become threadbare and preloved.

Girl cuddling her teddy bear in bed
Girl cuddling her teddy bear in bed

Do you agree? Are there any more that you’d recommend?


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