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Giving preloved toys a new life

We love toys, they're fun and hold so much love and value for our children.

Joy of Giving is an independent, not-for-profit community for exchanging toys for children from all walks of life.

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Definition: An object for a child to play with that has been loved and played with by another child already

Exchange my Toys

We love all toys, but sadly not all can be given to charities. To ensure that your preloved toys have the best chance of finding a new home and not sadly thrown away, please consider these toy donation guidelines:

Toys should be non-toxic

Toys are not missing parts

If Toys require batteries, please provide new ones

Toys are not broken

Toys are clean

Toys are still able to be played with


Children living below the poverty line

306 million

Tiny tires produced by LEGO annually


Barbie was introduced at $3

$3.7 million

Toys and games purchased annually in Australia


The name means "Oily Chalk" in French


They are the world's largest distributor of toys

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A seamless process to send your preloved toys to a new home

Reuse your online shipping boxes or any other cardboard box to give your preloved toys and help find them a new home

"Being there for a child is the most noble thing a toy can do."

Woody, Toy Story

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